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Welcome to The Joint Chiropractic Eagan! As your local chiropractor in Eagan, MN, we invite you to join the millions of Americans who have not only found relief from back pain, but also a pathway to wellness with chiropractic’s natural, drug-free approach to healthcare.

How We Can Help

Whether you are familiar with chiropractic care or this is your first time, you can expect your visit to The Joint to be new and different from any healthcare experience you’ve had before. Perhaps even life-changing.

Here is a quick and easy way to see what makes The Joint …the chiropractic place the perfect chiropractic destination:

  • Conveniently Located
  • Open Nights & Weekends
  • No Appointment required
  • No Insurance Hassles / Requirements
  • Affordable Personalized Care Plans
  • Licensed Chiropractors & Chiropractic Physicians

Our chiropractic services offer you and your family a quality, affordable, convenient and accessible healthcare solution. Chiropractic assists in eliminating and relieving the days of shoulder, neck and back pain as well as many other “symptoms” you may be experiencing. So whatever your ailments may be, visit our Eagan chiropractic office, because your overall health is our business. And remember, you never need an appointment to visit The Joint so stop in when it is convenient for you. See you soon!

Our Doctors

Dr. Eric Jensen, D.C.
Dr. Eric Jensen, D.C.
Years Practicing: 14

Dr. Eric Jensen was born in Minneapolis, MN. He attended the University of Minnesota for college where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and competed on the swim team. Due to a chronic injury while training for and competing in triathlon, Dr. Eric discovered the wonders of chiropractic care. It was then that he decided to become a chiropractor himself.

He graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 2002 and began private practice at that time. His passion for providing and teaching about chiropractic never wanes.

Dr. Eric lives in Lakeville with his wife, Leta and 4 children, Sophia, Brennan, Meredith and Elliot. When he is not caring for his clients, watching his kids events or spending time with family, he can be found running on the roads andtrails of MN, hitting a little white ball around, thinking about surfing, paddle boarding and scuba diving, listening to music, reading and pursuing a new interest---finding cliffs to jump off.

Dr. John McKeague, D.C.
Dr. John McKeague, D.C.

Dr. John McKeague was born and raised in White Bear Lake. Through his early years he was actively involved in athletics, and helping out in the community. Following his graduation from High School he chose to attend Northwestern College in Roseville, MN and received a degree in Biology. While completing his undergraduate studies, Dr. John played football for the Eagles and was heavily involved in research as well as helping other students through tutoring programs. Once his undergraduate degree was finished Dr. John went to Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN to pursue his dream of being a chiropractor. While at Northwestern he was elected as the Vice President of the student senate and put in charge of acting as a liaison between the Chiropractic students and administration.

Dr. Kongcheng Lo, D.C.
Dr. Kongcheng Lo, D.C.

Education: Northwestern Health Sciences University ‘11
Years Practicing: 5

Dr. Kongcheng Lo was born and raised in St. Paul, MN. In his younger years, he played soccer, baseball and also enjoyed riding his bike around his neighborhood. Growing up he always wanted to become a doctor and that led him down the path to being a chiropractor. He attended school at Northwestern College and graduated in 2011 and has now been practicing for 5 years.

Dr. Lo still currently resides in St. Paul with his wife and three beautiful girls. Outside of work he enjoys going to their dance recitals, martial arts classes and participating in their Girl Scout troop as well as going on motorcycle rides when the weather is nice.

(612) 294-7824

1380 Duckwood Drive, Suite 102,Eagan,MN,55123

The best way to contact us is via phone, then email.

Did You Know?

Routine chiropractic care can provide management and relief for the following:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Migraine and Tension Headaches
  • Shoulder and Elbow Pain
  • Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Leg Pain (Sciatica)
  • Chronic Injuries
  • And More!

Chiropractic may also help:

  • Improve Nervous System Function
  • Relieve Prenatal Discomfort
  • Increase Vitality and Improve Quality of Life
  • Provide Preventative Care
  • Improve Overall Health and Wellness for both Children and Adults

Friendly Tips for Your Chiropractic Visit

How to get the most out of your Eagan chiropractic visit:

  1. Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes.
  2. Write down a list of your problem areas (lower back pain, any sports injury, stiffness, etc.)
  3. Include any accidents that you may have been in (car accidents, falls, sports accidents, etc.)
  4. Include any persistent problems (sleep difficulty, headaches, neck pain, soreness, etc.)
  5. Include any health conditions and any surgeries you have had.
  6. In other words, tell your chiropractor about all of your health conditions so that he can help you best.


In other words, tell your chiropractor all about your lifestyle and health conditions so that they can tailor your chiropractic care to maximize your health goals.

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5 / 5 stars
Foremost, I want to thank you for your innovative approach to offering chiropractic care. I am absolutely thrilled to be a customer of The Joint - and have referred many to the business. Because of the consistency and quality of service, I am the definition of an ‘earned’ and loyal customer. After flying fighters for the Navy for 13 years, I feel my back has been finally mended through routine visits to your Eagan, MN office. I am very thankful to have found this office. I will say that Dr. James Eschiti is the key provider that has resulted in my sentiments above. James is a very skilled and talented chiropractor; I schedule my visits around his availability and he always delivers that perfect ‘tweak’ in his adjustments. My back and neck feel fluid, and I feel energized. Moreover, James has become a friend. He has taken a genuine interest in my family, work, interests (sports teams) and overall health. I am truly excited to see him once a week - he has made a huge impact on my health and your Eagan, MN office as a whole.
1/8/2016 12:51:54 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
I have chronic back pain that fluctuates. It was really giving me a lot of trouble and I was at the dry cleaners when I noticed The Joint a few doors away. For $19.00 I could get an adjustment!! So I went in to try it out. Dr. Casey and staff were great, when they reviewed the Wellness Plan with me it made so much sense financially I signed up. It has helped so much to be able to stop by on my schedule which can be erratic. I can’t say enough nice things about the friendliness of the staff and how much the adjustments have helped to stabilize my back problem.
7/23/2014 5:34:38 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
I was experiencing low back pain so I decided to give it a try. For just $49 a month and I am able to get 4 adjustments! How could I not join for such an affordable plan? My now weekly adjustments are helpful for my low back pain, sciatica and *Scheuemann’s disease.
7/23/2014 5:33:10 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
Due to being on my feet 8 to 10 hours straight a day I had low back pain. Coming to The Joint has helped me manage my back pain much better and for the great price you can’t go wrong! It’s quick, easy and relaxing. Feels great when I get adjusted every time.
7/23/2014 5:32:01 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
I was involved in a car accident 13 years ago which lead me down the road to chiropractic care. I found this treatment to be the only solution to my pain. After my insurance stopped paying for my visits I could not afford to continue. When I found The Joint I was shocked at how inexpensive it was. Great concept: affordable healthcare. They have a very friendly staff that always greet you with a smile. I went with the wellness plan because of the affordability and flexibility. No long term contract, just month to month.I would recommend The Joint to anyone.
7/23/2014 5:29:30 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
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