Health and Wellness Promotion for Government Agencies

  Health and wellness is important for every individual no matter the socioeconomic status, professional role, geographic location, or any other defining characteristic that may set individuals apart. From individuals that are ingrained in the community, to business owners to even people in positions of power, it is crucial to institute policies and formulate initiatives […]

Do GMOs Really Pose Health Threats?

  Technology is doing so much for our health and wellness, but it is also presenting numerous threats to our overall health status in many different ways. There are technological applications in the healthcare space and in the wellness space, but there are also technological applications on the other side of the situation in the […]

Sleep, Nutrition, and Weight

  The common recommendation for adults in terms of a regular night’s sleep is between seven and nine hours. The recommendations for sleep are constantly changing, but the most scientifically accepted amount for some time has been this seven to nine hour time period. Even if we slip up and end up getting a drop […]

Why Foods Containing Probiotics Are Shown to Help Social Anxiety

As indicated by an investigation of more than 700 individuals recently published in the journal Psychiatry Research, fermented foods that contain probiotics or can possibly contain probiotics and bioactive peptides, may decrease side effects of social anxiety. For the study, scientists gave undergrads a survey that deliberates social anxiety and neuroticism, among different attributes, and […]