“Virgin Pulse” Has Fresh Take on Wellness Promotion

  As we become more aware of workplace wellness’s importance in all professional sectors, there is an increased effort to bring about positive health outcomes in workers and promote well-being in many different professional environments. We are now even seeing companies that are specializing in the wellness space, which are developing new methods or workplace […]

ADHD and Proper Nutrition

  So many different health conditions, both physical and mental, are linked to nutritional habits and certain dietary behaviors. Whether it is improvements in a condition like arthritis with the increased incorporation of Omega-3 fatty acids into our diet, the deterioration of our cardiovascular health in the use of too much dairy and saturated fats, […]

Build Your Family a Better Breakfast

  Numerous individuals will let you know that breakfast is the most vital meal of the day – that it can set you up to take off like a bird, or fail spectacularly. Breakfast truly means breaking the fast, otherwise called the time you were resting. Anyhow, Americans skip breakfast through and through because of […]

The New Level of Wellness Incorporation in Hotels

  With a growing level of attention paid to wellness and improving our overall health status, many different sectors of business are finding ways to incorporate wellness into their business models. Not only do certain sectors of business see an increased need to provide opportunities for customer wellness, but many companies see dollar signs in […]

Fan Health Network Launching Social Fitness App

  Many athletes know how important health and wellness is to their performance, and to their lives overall. Maintaining positive health outcomes, both physically and mentally, puts us in an excellent position to succeed and move through confidently. Those involved in sports are somewhat privy to this concept, as individuals who are not involved in […]

4 Ways to Help Prevent Diabetes

  When properly understood, diabetes is a disease that no one would want. While many people fear it, as they should, sometimes little is being done to prevent it. The good news is that it often can be prevented, and these four steps will help you keep diabetes at bay. 1. Exercise This one thing […]

How to Combat Low Energy Levels

  Feeling low energy levels in the middle of the day is something a lot of people are experiencing. They know they have much more to do, and feel unable to do much about it. The good news is that energy levels can be restored, enabling you to do more each day. One common cause […]