11 Healthy Tips You Should Be Doing Now

grwng_grt__033Good health is important for a good life. And everyone is always looking for new ways to stay healthy.  Here are a few of our favorite health tips:

  1. Multi-Tasking Exercise: To utilize your time in the gym better, combine two moves into one. For example, do a squat bicep curl to work your upper and lower body at the same time. You will cut your workout in half and amp up your calorie burn.  Try a circuit training workout.
  2. Drink More Water: The easiest health tip anyone can follow is to drink more water. This is especially true when it is hotter outside or when you are doing a workout.  Hydration is crucial during these warm summer months.
  3. Say No to the Computer: If you are having trouble sleeping well at night, you can probably blame your computer or phone. Shut both off several hours before you hit the hay, and whatever you do, don’t look at the bright screen in your dark room.
  4. Stress Less: Learn how to deal with your stress better, since studies have found that too much stress can wreak havoc on your appetite and lead to more body fat.
  5. Read Labels: Foods and labels are more deceiving than ever, so look carefully to make sure you are eating the healthiest food possible. Many breads are dyed brown to make you think they are whole grains, when they aren’t. Make sure to watch out for those health food fakes.
  6. Strength Train Before Cardio: Hit the weights before you bust a move. Not only is strength training good for toning the body, but if you start your workout routine with it, you can burn more calories doing cardio. The body usually takes fifteen minutes to warm up and get in the calorie burning zone, which is why starting with weight training is more beneficial.
  7. Eat More Nuts: Studies show that those who eat nuts and nut butter often weigh less than those who don’t. Nuts and nut butters are the perfect combination of fat, protein, and carbs.
  8. Avoid Hyped Up Water: Forget water that has added vitamins, minerals, or flavors. They are just marketing schemes and many of them have hidden sugar and additives. Instead, stick with the real deal. Need a tasty addition, try cucumber or lemon slices.
  9. Use Cherry Juice: Use cherry juice to help your muscles recover and to prevent muscle soreness.
  10. Wear Casual Shoes: Those who wore casual shoes or workout shoes for every day tasks were found to burn more calories than those that dressed up or wore uncomfortable shoes for obvious reasons. Just remember to keep a pair of workout shoes only for your workouts.
  11. Sleep More: Women who slept five hours or less per night were a third more likely to gain 33 pounds in the duration of sixteen years. Lack of sleep can also lower your immune system too.

There you have it, eleven tips to help you kick off a healthier life. It can be hard to make the transition to living healthier, but all you have to do is to take a few small healthy steps each day.  Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician prior to implementing any exercise or dietary changes to your current routine.


Story Credit, Image Credit:grwng_grt__033 by Stephen Henault. Used under Creative Commons license. 

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