A Cup of Coffee Per Day May Help Your Heart

CoffeeThere will always be debate whether coffee is good or bad for your health, but the newest discovery may show coffee in a positive light. A new Japanese study found that coffee may help small blood vessels work better. Looks like your cup of Joe can stay in your diet after all.

Previous studies had found that coffee offered some cardiovascular health benefits, but little else was known. The Japanese study may have made the connection. The study took 27 healthy individuals between the ages of 22 and 30 who did not regularly drink coffee. On one day, the individuals drank five ounces of caffeinated or decaf coffee. Then their vascular function was measured, which demonstrates how well small blood vessels function. Two days later, the same process was repeated, but the individuals drank the other coffee. So if they had decaf coffee the first day, they drank caffeinated coffee the third day.

The studies found that those who had caffeinated coffee had a 30 percent increase in their vascular function within a 75-minute time period. While this study may show the reason behind coffee’s heart healthy benefits, the study is still small, and not all experts are on board with it.

One cardiologist, Vincent Bufalino, says that the study is too small and only uses one cup of coffee. He says that the study should test out the results of increased coffee intake, as well. He also points out that one cup of coffee a day can be beneficial, but a higher consumption of coffee can ultimately raise an individual’s blood pressure and makes them more prone to heart palpitations.  

So while new studies are making the argument for coffee being good for you, you still have to limit your intake. We know that coffee can give you that lift you need throughout the day, but too much will negatively affect you. Enjoy one to two cups of coffee a day for the most health benefits without any risks. However, make sure not to enjoy these cups of Joe with artificial creamers and a lot of sugar. What you put in your coffee can cancel out any health benefits the coffee may have had in the first place. Not to mention that the extra creamer and sugar will add inches to your waistline!


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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