Adjusting Those New Years Resolutions To Make You Healthier

Many of the new year’s resolutions that were made back in December, focused on self improvement. For instance, I’m sure we all know someone who vowed to lose 10 pounds before a certain date in the new year, or someone that’s still going strong on their newly acquired vegan diet. Not many people decided to live a healthier lifestyle in a more budget conscious earth friendly way. So, if you fall into this category and saving the earth as well as your health, didn’t cross your mind, let’s talk about how you can still do that, starting today. It is possible to achieve positive benefits for yourself and enjoy them too, in fact, it probably makes making resolutions and staying with them, that much easier. So, here are a few ways in which you can tweak those resolutions and make a lighter carbon footprint all at the same time.


A new you, typically means new clothes when you shed those unwanted pounds, and rightly so. Giving the world the opportunity to see you in a new light is always a great feeling. So, how about shopping at a thrift store, or even a smaller lesser known boutique? In most cases, these places will have a great variety of clothing that you wouldn’t normally see at a normal store. Doing something like this, not only helps you save money, but also boosts mental health. Doing something that you know is helping those around you, as is the case for most of these stores (profits usually go to help funding charitable projects) you can increase the feeling of positivity and self worth all at the same time. It’s important to do all you can to keep a positive state of mental health, as the mind is just as connected to the body as anything else.

Part of becoming a better you, as is part of any new year’s resolution, typically has much to do with the way in which you conduct yourself within your diet. So why not learn to cook, instead of relying on the same old meals for that nutritional value? Learning a new skill or trade that also aids in the goals you have set for yourself is not only good for mental health but also physical health. Becoming healthier on the inside will allow for better results and a faster time in achieving those goals. Gaining confidence within yourself is one of the best ways to ward off anxiety, depression and stress.


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