Bad Habits That Suck The Healthy Life Out of You

If it’s not even midday and you’re feeling sluggish and your energy is completely drained, that lack of a good night’s sleep isn’t the only thing that you should look to place the blame on. In fact, most of it may be of your own doing. The small things that we do throughout our daily lives can exhaust us both mentally and physically and we may not realize it until we can no longer keep our eyelids open. When this happens, it makes the rest of our day seem like an eternity as we feel like zombies, unable to get anything productive completed. This sluggishness can make getting through your day a chore. Here, are some common bad habits that can make you feel tired, plus simple lifestyle tweaks that will help you get back on track and feeling focused as soon as

You’re a perfectionist
Everyone strives to do their best, to be as perfect as possible, but it’s just not a reality. If you’re placing all of your time and effort into trying to be perfect, then you’ll always fall short. Besides, doing this makes you work much harder and longer than necessary. Setting unrealistic goals and striving for them with such fury can wear you out and drain you mentally and physically. Pacing yourself and setting limits is essential to conserving and maintaining energy all while working hard.

You love Junk food
Even the healthiest of eaters stray from the course every once in a while– heck, that’s what cheat days are for. But living on junk food, meaning food that’s processed, made in a microwave and contains absolutely nothing that’s not genetically modified, can suck the life and energy out of you. All of the carbohydrates in junk food increase blood sugar, and when these spikes in pressure decide to level out, the effect is called the “crash.” Snack on healthy fruits, vegetables and nuts to keep your blood pressure in check, as well as to avoid the crash and losing all of your focus and energy.

You rely on Caffeine (A lot)
Starting the morning with a cup of coffee isn’t necessarily unhealthy; for many, it gives a drive and a boost of energy that is needed to tackle the day ahead. However, when you’re feeling a little tired, or there’s a lull in the day, reaching for an espresso or another big cup of Joe is not only harming your health, but actually sucking energy from you in the process. Ample amounts of caffeine on a daily basis can impact the way in which your body comes to rest. Sleep and long-term use can also block receptors that help you stay asleep.

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