Calling All You Vegans in Eagan!

Looking to eat healthier in and around Eagan this year? Well look no further than the Genghis Grill. For all of you who are sticking to that diet plan that you so rigorously implemented for this new year, this place is a great way to stay focused and not break the rules in terms of what you eat and how you diet.

Genghis Grill is a Mongolian Stir Fry restaurant located at 1304 Town Center Dr. that is a build your own bowl, fast casual, Asian stir-fry concept. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is colorful and lively. With its new and unique style of exhibition cooking, it offers diners a great experience.


Genghis Grill offers a wide variety of healthy nutritional food options, including many items on the menu that cater to vegans. The restaurants nutritional calculator within the restaurant itself now helps consumers define their nutritional intake. Elements like these have been proven useful and successful to many who are on specific caloric intake diets or who want to know just what ingredients are being used to cater to their diets.

Advantages to Eating Healthier

Eating healthy has its obvious advantages, especially when trying to lose weight or diet. The great and vast healthy choice options given at Genghis Grill are great for anyone who wants to switch up their eating regimen. Often times, when dieting or trying to curb what you eat, a routine becomes inevitable and ultimately boring. Knowing that your diet doesn’t have to suffer, and that you can go out to a nice restaurant and still eat well is a wonderful feeling to have. You no longer need to limit yourself in the food department, and eating better can indeed be fun.

With this stir fry option, you’re no longer stuck eating vegetables and nothing else. Low calorie meats, veggies, rice and an array of other healthy foods can be consumed. You can build your own meal with the choice of 14 proteins, 12 seasonings, 30 veggies, 15 sauces, and 6 starches.

Eating clean and sticking to it, can often be hard to do. You can feel limited and trapped in regards to the things you feel you can eat to stay disciplined. Now with places in Eagan like Genghis Grill, you are free to explore what the health world has to offer in other food departments.


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