Can Chiropractic Care Help Weight Loss Efforts?

ScaleLosing weight is often an arduous and frustrating ordeal that usually ends in failure. Many health risks come along with being obese such as a greater chance for heart disease and diabetes. Even with all the advances in modern weight loss programs it is still difficult for most people to lose the weight and keep it off for good. This failure rate has prompted many doctors to recommend an overall approach which includes the use of chiropractic care. The following are a few facts to consider when seeking chiropractic care.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Generally, chiropractic care is a drug free way that you can begin to heal your body after years of carrying around excess weight. Chiropractic care is much more that fixing backaches, the care promotes personal health and overall well-being of the patient. The chiropractor will teach techniques to help the patient improve posture, improving pain levels and overall mobility.

Connection of the Body and Brain

The brain is the command center that tells nerves and muscles how to function. If the center is interrupted by things such as muscle strains, the body will not be able to operate to its full ability. Chiropractors generally focus on nerves that control you muscles in your back, legs or neck. Having your back or neck out of line will affect the nerves therefore robbing you of your mobility. Being able to have your bones realigned will allow the nerves to function properly and allow your body to start healing itself.

Weight Loss

When you decide to start losing weight you should allow the chiropractor to adjust you so that you can remove whatever pain you have from carrying around excess weight. As you continue your journey it will become increasingly important to continue seeing the chiropractor. As you continue to lose weight the body’s center of gravity drastically changes putting more pressure on different spots of your body. This pressure causes pain and discomfort but more than likely can be helped with chiropractic adjustments. Increasing your physical activity when exercising will also cause soreness or stiffness that can be helped by your chiropractic team.

When choosing a chiropractor look for someone who will personalize your care for your specific needs. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to chiropractic care.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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