Did You Know? 3 Fitness Myths Revealed

When it comes to anything in our lives, there’s always room to learn a little more, to gain that extra piece of knowledge, and to be better than you were yesterday. This is extremely true for those who are serious about their health and fitness. Even the most seasoned veterans are learning new techniques, new lifts, and new ways to gain muscle each time they step into the gym.?

Many people are misinformed about a number of areas in their workout routines, their muscle growth and even their diets. Here are just a few of the many number of pieces of information that get tossed around with inaccurate answers. hopefully knowing more about the body and how it responds to fitness, will help you in your goals of achieving optimal health.

You may not know that people who are physically inactive can lose as much as five percent of their muscle mass per decade after the age of 30. this is actually a phenomenon known as sarcopenia. Without regular exercise and constant use of the muscles, strength and overall quality of life declines rapidly. Exercise and proper nutrition can help stave off sarcopenia, which is why even walking around the block a fw times a week can really do wonders for the condition of your body.

Lactic acid doesn’t cause the burn in your muscles, but it does help the burn decrease. The burning sensation in your muscles during intense bouts of exercise, is referred to as “acidosis.” In fact, recent research has conclusively shown that lactic acid does not exist as an acid in the body, but exists in another form called “lactate” which decreases the burning sensation, or acidosis in the muscles. Not only does lactate help decrease the burn in your muscles, but it’s an important fuel that can be converted in the liver to glucose, which is then used as an energy source for the remainder of the body to use.

Exercise can be as effective as medication for relieving short-term anxiety, when performed in the right way and for the correct duration. Exercise is shown by research to be as effective as taking anti-anxiety medications, as it releases relaxing endorphins into the body to naturally calm it.


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