Do You Have Your Employees’ Backs in Mind?

Classic leather ergonomic chairBack pain makes up $50 billion a year in American healthcare costs. Wow! That is a lot of back pain and a lot of money being spent to treat it. Here is another astounding fact; back pain is also the cause for 93 million workdays lost. It is easy to conclude that back pain costs employers a lot of money and a lot of work hours.

Whether you are a boss, manager, or CEO, one of your main goals is to cut costs and increase productivity within your company. Those are the two fundamental ingredients for a successful business. Therefore, it is important to know the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Paying for preventative measures up front can save your company a lot of money in sick days and health insurance, not to mention disability payments for work related injuries.

So how can bosses improve the back pain situation at their job? Here are a few tips to try out in your office:

Invest in Good Chairs

The first thing you should consider on buying is new chairs. Since most desk workers spend over 100 hours sitting in a chair each month, it is essential that they are sitting on something that helps their back, not makes it worse. Ergonomic chairs are expensive, but quality ones can last for several years, making the initial investment worth it. Large exercise balls are also a great alternative for chairs, and they come with a lot of health benefits. Make the choice available to your employees, allowing them to know of the health and weight loss benefits that sitting on an exercise ball can bring. If your company really cannot afford new chairs, then check into specialized accessories that help with posture. These accessories cost about $20, but can make a difference in back pain woes.

Headsets for Phones

Another suggestion you should consider is to buy headsets for the office phones for individuals who regularly make calls. Regular phones put the neck and shoulder at odd angles, which can promote back and joint pain. Hands-free headsets are costly, but they can prevent the pain and increase productivity, since workers can remain hands-free.

There are many ways to decrease back pain in the work place while keeping up employee productivity. All the little changes add up to make real changes for back pain. Plus, employees may feel more appreciated which will also boost morale. Check back next week for even more ideas on how to save your employees from back pain.


Remember to always consult a chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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