Do You Suffer From FOMO?

Ever heard of the phrase “Fear of Missing Out”? It can also be seen in the acronym FOMO. Well the FOMO is a term in reference to a form of social anxiety. It often presents itself in the form of compulsive behavior. When we think that something better or more interesting is going on around us or close to us, sometimes in the world of social media, we tend to think that if we aren’t in the know on that certain topic then we will miss out on something even better. The funny thing about it is, those who suffer from it often find themselves already wrapped up in something substantial, all while worrying about missing out on something else. The irony to this is that worrying about missing out on something else, causes you in turn to miss out on what it is you are already engaged in.


With the invention of cell phones, tablets, laptops and every other electronic device on the market, staying in touch with friends, family and even the latest in celebrity gossip, has never been easier. There are many people out there that are paid a pretty penny to be in the know about everything and everyone in the celebrity world. However, most of us aren’t, and wish that we were. So, staying current and up to date becomes a priority in our lives. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all checked a social media outlet at one point or another to check up on the status of our favorite sports team, celebrity or just to get the local gossip.

FOMO can have devastating consequences on the lives of those afflicted greatly by it. Many social situations end up being missed out on because being present in the moment is hard for anyone with FOMO to actively participate in 100 percent. Things like relationships fall by the wayside because of a lack of full connectivity or investment into another person. Waiting for something bigger and better to come around makes you miss out on what you have or could potentially have right in front of you.

Friendships are even harder to maintain as these require full attention, effort, and reciprocation of things like listening and giving. The constant effort to try to meet new people to replace the ones in your life can cause you to end up with nothing in the long run. Missing out on real connections because of the notion that something or someone better is lurking around the corner is no way to go through life.

Work can suffer too when FOMO is involved. Being successful at anything requires effort, patience and a will to actually want to succeed. Always striving for the best is the way in which successful people live their lives. Living with FOMO can cause you to lust after something that may not ever be attainable.

Take time to look at your life, FOMO can creep in without you knowing it sometimes. Good mental health is important o an overall healthy life. Not putting full effort into the things you have can cause your mental health to be affected negatively. Eradicate all instances of FOMO from your life in order to live well.


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