Do Your Exercises Fit Your Life?

Mountain BikingIt turns out each of us may actually have a ‘fitness personality’ that makes running heaven or almost intolerable.  The same goes for Zumba or yoga.  Each exercise has a distinct audience. When you figure out which exercise works for you, the results can be amazing.

Now, instead of dragging yourself through a gym workout or off to a spin class, finding your fitness personality could mean that you are more likely to show up to early and never miss a session.  It’s the same principle that happens when you have a job that you love. Suddenly it no longer seems like work!

To get a good fit with yourexercise routine, think about what you really enjoy in life and then try to match up the most natural exercise routines.  Someone who loves quiet spots and is often outside, will find a regular early morning walk in the park works perfectly. Someone else who thrives on a fast tempo schedule, may find a Zumba class fits right into their life. Another person who loves competition may be happiest on the basketball or tennis court.  If adventure is always a lure, a climbing gym leading to actual rock climbs might work just fine.

How do you feel about crowds?  Are they fine for you or do you frequently opt to fly solo? If you love being with friends while you exercise, that’s built-in motivation to be there. Or exercise may really be solitary time that works as quiet time to get away.

How do you feel about goals?  If you work best when you are targeting a goal, you may want to sign up for a race that’s coming up, giving you an excellent reason to be out there running every day. 

To find the best combinations, do a survey of your exercise over a month’s time. Include the various exercises you normally do, and add a few that you have been wanting to try, like rowing, hiking or gardening.

After a month of surveying your exercises, it may be fairly obvious where you are happiest. Whatever you choose, try to avoid the stoic approach of exercising just because you should.  Keep looking until you find the ones that make you smile and keep calling you back.

Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.


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