Five Ways to Help Your Family Get Active

Elliot and Dan ExercisingWe live in a time where majority of adults and children alike are unhealthy. The generation of kids today have been predicted to not be around longer than their parents. The poor diet and sedentary lifestyles of America is scary and dangerous. As a family, it is crucial to think about the heart health of everyone in your family.

The easiest way to get on a healthy path can actually be quite fun. Doing physical activities together as a family is a great way to bond and get fit. Although, it can be hard to squeeze in family time when everyone is busy. These activities are worth a try.

  1. Outside Fun: The easiest way to boost the moods of your kids is to get them outdoors. Plan fun activities outside that will get the whole family moving. Take walks, go for hikes, and even enjoy sledding in the wintertime.
  2. Take a Class Together: Ask around at your community center and local fitness clubs to find if there are exercise classes you can take with your kids. Try a kickboxing class or dance class. You can even train in martial arts together. If your child is too young for such classes, look for Mommy and Me classes and swim lessons. Chasing after your toddler while they learn to bounce on a trampoline does burn a lot of calories. Another good option is to look for DVDs that encourage you and your children to workout together. There are several yoga DVDs that are fun for parents and kids to do together.
  3. Revamp Your Family Room: If you are like most families, your main room is designed around comfort. There are cushy couches, a coffee table to rest your feet or food, and a nice TV and gaming system. As comfortable as this may be, it does encourage a sedentary lifestyle. Shake things up a little by using yoga balls for seats and moving in exercise equipment. Young kids will love having a rebounding trampoline in the room, so that they can bounce while watching their shows or listening to a book.
  4. Make Chores Fun and Calorie-Burning: Chores don’t have to be boring anymore. Instead, turn up the dance tunes and have your family race to finish their chores. You will have a cleaner house in a faster amount of time, and everyone’s heart will get a little workout.
  5. Choose Active Games and Hobbies: An easy way to keep moving is to spend your family time doing active things. Instead of watching a movie together, why not a basketball game? Look for fun games that have you moving rather than always sitting. You can also turn your garage into a roller skating rink or dance floor for a really good time.

Getting active as a family is not just about getting fit. You want your kids to enjoy exercise and doing things over watching television. These activities boost your bond as a family, and it also teaches kids healthy habits.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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