Four Tips to Avoid Injury and Back Pain While Running

RUN Hills Pullover in action!Whether you are a dedicated marathon runner or just like to take the occasional run on the weekend, we have some good tips for you. Follow these tips to keep yourself free from injury and back pain.

  1. Don’t Wear Your Running Shoes Everywhere. If you are serious about running, then you need a good running shoe. Invest in a sneaker that complements your foot shape. Once you have the perfect pair of sneakers, don’t wear them on errands or at the theme parks. Instead, use your running shoes for their sole purpose – running! This will help your shoes last longer and prevent injuries and pain that comes from running in worn down shoes.
  2. Don’t Overeat Before Your Run. Running burns a lot of calories and asks a lot of your body. The proper fuel is needed before and after your workout. However, don’t fill up before you head out. Instead, have a light meal of an apple or a few rice cakes. This will help keep your blood sugar up without weighing you down on your run. It is important to hydrate before, during, and after your run. After you finish your run, refuel with a balanced meal with healthy protein, carbs, and fat.
  3. Don’t Skimp on Stretching. Don’t be tempted to bend over and touch your toes and call it stretching. Stretching is essential to avoid injuries. Before your run, do light stretching, followed by a light warm up, such as jogging in place. After a few minutes of warming up, do stretches that keep you moving. The point is to get the muscles warmed up. After your run is the time to do more deep stretches for flexibility and recovery.
  4. Don’t Stop Running Suddenly. A very grave mistake that many new runners make is that they go from running mode to nothing. It is very important to keep your momentum up even when you are done running. If you just stop and rest, you are putting your heart at risk. Instead, keep a light jog or walk fast. Keep moving until your heart rate returns to normal.

No matter how often you run, remember to always listen to your body, stay hydrated, and run in safe locations. Now that you know these tips, lace up your sneakers and go for a run!

Image Credit: RUN Hills Pullover in action! by lululemon athletica. Used under Creative Commons license. 


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