Get Fighting Fit with Fenugreek

Fenugreek, also referred to as Greek hay or Fenigreek, is an herb that is naturally grown and found in places such as Ukraine, India and China. The seeds found within Fenugreek are where the healthy benefits lie. These seeds possess protein, vitamins and potassium to name just a few. Fenugreek can be found and purchased as a supplement, the healthy herb comes in both capsule and powder form.


Fenugreek has the ability to soothe and quickly heal minor skin wounds and infections, and is often used for bites and stings to the skin as well. Studies have indicated that the herb is extremely effective and a highly powerful topical treatment for skin ailments like abscesses, burns and eczema. Usually Fenugreek is ground down into a lotion when the herb is in powder form and added to water. This is a lot better than applying other lotions that contain who-knows-what kinds of chemicals.

Studies show that individuals who consume just two ounces of Fenugreek daily over a span of 24 weeks, significantly lower their cholesterol levels and in doing so, help to lessen the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Fenugreek is also noted as a highly efficient method for treating both type one and type two diabetes. Just one ounce of Fenugreek daily, can diminish blood glucose levels.

Fenugreek seeds contain large amounts of mucilage, which is a substance similar to that of a natural adhesive. Mucilage helps fight against significant gastrointestinal inflammation, by coating the lining of the stomach and intestines, and protecting them from foreign agents like bacteria.

Fenugreek is high in its contents of soluble fiber, this gives it the ability to better control appetite. With a much more regular appetite and fewer cravings, weight loss and better overall health is obtained through a regular regimen of Fenugreek.


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