Getting the Back Pain Relief You Need During Pregnancy

Baby belly 198Pregnancy comes with a lot of not so fun symptoms, one of them being back pain. Many new moms wonder if their back pain is normal and what they can do to treat it. Know that your back pain is very normal since the body has to widen and open up to accommodate your growing baby. Here are some tips to help relieve the pain while you wait for your little one to make his or her appearance.

Proper Posture

The further you are into your pregnancy, the harder it is to get comfortable. Even though it doesn’t feel great sitting or standing with proper posture, it is better for your back. When you slouch or sit in an awkward position, it may be comfortable for that time being, but later on you will feel it in your lower back. It is also wise not to cross your legs while you are sitting, as this can increase pelvic pain.

Don’t Sit or Stand Too Long

It is important to find a happy medium between sitting and standing. You should get up and walk around for every 30 minutes of sitting. You should take short, frequent rests if you are standing or walking for a long time as well. Don’t overexert yourself.

Comfortable Shoes

Don’t follow in the steps of the celebrities by wearing high heels and other fashionable shoes while 5+ months pregnant. You need a comfortable shoe that supports your arch. You can still look fashionable, just do so while having what’s best for your feet and back in mind.

Weight Control

While this may seem like a free time to eat all you want, it is best to keep your weight gain within the healthy guidelines set by a doctor. Gaining more weight than is recommended can add unnecessary stress on your back. It is also wise to exercise throughout the whole pregnancy. Even something as light as walking for 20-30 minutes a day will help with back pain.

Chiropractic Care

Having regular chiropractic alignments during pregnancy is safe and effective for keeping back pain at bay. Adjustments from the chiropractor can also help prevent C-sections and breech babies.

Sleep With Support

It is hard to fall asleep with a bigger belly, but it is possible with the right supportive pillows. Use a body pillow or similar pillows made for pregnant women. These pillows take a little getting used to, but they can help support your extra weight and help you wake up pain free.

Pregnancy comes with many hardships, but if you follow these tips, back pain will not have to be one of them. If your back pain worries you, please consult your primary care physician to make sure everything is okay.


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