How Regular Outdoor Activity Can Boost Your Health This Fall

Autumn is one of the more colorful seasons that we experience; the leaves are falling, the colors all around us are changing, and so too is the weather. Now, even though it’s not as warm as its summer counterpart, autumn is still a great time to get outside and exercise. With cooler mornings and crisper nights, autumn gives us plenty of opportunity to exercise in ways that the other seasons cannot offer.fall

Even with this being said, autumn and winter, typically see even the most avid outdoor exerciser, retreating inside to take on spinning yoga and other enclosed activities. So, why not break the mold and get out more during the fall than you did over the summer when you were spoiled with great weather? These reasons may help tip the scale to help you see why outdoor activities during the cooler months are a great alternative to the same old boring routine.

Outdoor exercise lifts your mood

A 2012 study concluded that being outdoors actually makes people 50 percent happier than being at the gym; so if that doesn’t convince you to get outside, nothing else will. Physical activity outdoors has been linked to a reduction in tension, stress, anxiety and even depression, especially when compared to indoor activity.

It improves your attention and focus

Research out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, found that children that suffer from ADHD are actually better able to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time after just a 20 minute walk outside, as opposed to a walk of the same amount of time in a city or neighborhood.

It will help you stick with it

Outdoor exercise is a reinforcing behavior, meaning that those that participate in it are far more likely to repeat the activity on a regular basis, when compared to attending the gym.

It can keep your weight steady

Being outside is a quick and simple way to help maintain a healthy weight. This is due to the fact that movement in an outdoor setting is less restricted, which mean there’s usually more of it. In fact, studies show that those who spend more time exercising outside are up to 40 percent less likely to be overweight or obese.

It ramps up your energy

Exercise is known to help you feel revitalized, but the addition of fresh air boosts the effect it has on the body and mind. 20 minutes of outdoor activity can have the same ability to perk you up as a full cup of coffee.

It improves vitamin D levels

Yes, even when the day is filled with cloud cover, the sun is still out in some capacity. This means getting outdoors gives your body the fill it needs of vitamin D in order for you to stay healthy in a multitude of ways.


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