How Standing Desks Are Improving The Backs of Office Workers

Standing deskThere are so many individuals that spend majority of their work day sitting. While it is not the ideal situation, most just grin and bear it. Others, like one Lifehacker writer, decided to change things up a bit with a standing desk. She may be one of the few who chooses to stand for her work, but she is reaping in the benefits.

A standing desk is exactly what it sounds like, a desk that you stand at. It is similar to a treadmill desk, minus the treadmill. The point is that the desk and computer screen are positioned so that you have proper posture when you type and look at the screen.

The writer has used her standing desk for more than a year and said that she decided to make the switch when she noticed she clocked in 48 hours of work one week – all while on her behind. She recounted her first few days at a standing desk to be painful on the feet and hard to get used to. However, after a year, she writes that she is loving her standing desk still.

The Benefits of a Standing Desk

What can a standing desk offer you? A standing desk can help you burn more calories during your work hours. It can also increase your productivity. The number one benefit that the reader and many individuals will experience from a standing desk is better posture. With better posture comes less back pain and other joint pain. There are many more health benefits that come just by avoiding the dangers of sitting too long.

Is a Standing Desk Realistic?

While a standing desk may sound appealing to most, the idea of standing for more than eight hours a day seems daunting. What many people who have a standing desk do is split their work into standing tasks and sitting tasks. This way they spend majority of their time standing, yet they have frequent sitting breaks.

In the end, a standing desk may not be practical for every office worker, but it is an interesting idea. For conventional office workers, you may not be able to stand all day long, but you can definitely add more standing to your day. Try taking phone calls or dictate ideas to the computer while standing and pacing around your cubicle.


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