How to Diffuse Holiday Anxiety

Unleash the Beast!Feeling frazzled the closer Christmas approaches? You are not alone. Majority of Americans, as much as 90 percent, say that they dread at least one part of the holiday season. If your anxiety is caused by short-term issues, such as visiting family or preparing for the financial costs of the holidays, then there is no need to get a prescription medication. Instead, try these strategies:

  1. Pedal it off: Exercise has been proven over and over again to help combat stress and anxiety. However, one study done by the University of Maryland College Park specifically researched the effect of stationary bikes on stress levels. They found out that individuals who pedaled for half an hour were less affected by stressful situations shortly after.
  2. Be realistic: Evaluate what you are anxious over. Are you worrying over what a family member will do during a gathering or if your meal will turn out right? There is no use in worrying over things that have not happened yet. Instead, it is better to be realistic. If a family member gets out of control or if your potatoes burn, the holidays are not ruined. Keeping this realistic mindset in place when silly worries pops into your head can reduce anxiety by up to 35 percent!
  3. Get some silence: For those familiar with anxiety, you can feel it building up. Perhaps it starts as shallow breathing or a racing heartbeat. The best thing to do when you feel stress and anxiety creeping up on you is to get away for some alone time. Allow yourself a few minutes to get away and isolate yourself in a different room or even the bathroom. Practice rhythmic breathing. To do this, sit up straight, close your eyes, and breathe in and out, holding each one for six counts. This breath work will quickly lower your blood pressure and help you regain composure.

Everyone gets a little stressed over the holiday season. Practice the above tips and find ways to simplify what is making you anxious. Also, remember that the holidays will soon be over, so enjoy what you can.


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