How Your Face Wash & Toothpaste Hurt The Environment

Microbeads, the small, round plastics that are added to beauty products such as facial scrubs, toothpastes, and are generally used to help exfoliate the skin and remove dirt, have been in the news more and more as of very recently, and not for the great healthy skin purposes they claim to have in their product advertisements.


In fact, microbeads have been more linked to the words pollution and poison lately than they have with the terms exfoliating and smooth skin. These microbeads, as you would imagine and can tell  from the name, are so small that they are able to pass directly through water filtration systems and end up in the very same water that we get our supply of seafood from. Not only does this have harmful effects on the ocean wildlife, but also on the environment as a whole and the health of anyone eating food that comes from this source.

With such overwhelming proof of the effects that microbeads are having on the environment and the health of the population as a whole, it has now become a government issue, as more states are now moving to ban microbeads altogether. This process, as beneficial as it is, is also time consuming; for a state to pass a ban of this magnitude, government usually takes quite some time.

So, how can you stay safe, avoid microbead use, still have smooth skin and white teeth, all while saving the environment? It’s simple. Look for beauty products that contain no microbeads whatsoever. Perhaps make your own from household items that you know to be safe and chemical free, or just look for ingredients like lemon peel, olive oil, French green clay, and other natural exfoliating materials that will do nothing but keep you healthy.

Chemicals and ingredients to stay clear of are things such as parabens, silicone and phthalates. These chemicals are just a few that are commonly found in beauty products consumed by large quantities of the U.S. population, and are a known dangerous contributor to the way that fish and other sea life become more toxic.

Because of these chemicals being so high in the amount of toxins they contain, when the animals consume these microbeads, it leads to harmful side effects such as suppressed immune function and increased oxidative stress.

Know the chemicals that you put into your body, and better understand just how they affect you and the environment you live in. Get informed, and stay safe.




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