Is This The Next Big Thing In Whole Grains & Healthy Eating ?


In a world that is forever evolving, changing and outdoing the competition, it should come as no surprise that the healthy eating part of that world engages in the same kinds of activity and competition. We aas consumers are always looking for the latest and greatest, the next best food, drink or exercise fad that’s going to help us lose weight, build muscle and reach our healthy lifestyle goals that much faster.

Thanks to the inclusion of the word “superfood” in the lexicon of many, more an more people are looking to gain protein, nutrient, minerals and vitamins all from one solitary food item. Well, it appears that the wishes of many has been granted, as kaniwa has come along and fulfilled all of those requirements. Similar to that of quinoa, the last of the food fads, kaniwa has a number of significant health benefits .

So, just what is kaniwa, you may ask? Kaniwa is often often referred to in the same circles as most common grains, but it is technically a seed. Although consumed in a similar nature to grains, it holds a few extra health properties that most grains do not, and is one of the many reasons it’s being snatched off the shelves at such a high rate.

Kaniwa contains absolutely no saponins; these are components found in many foods that often leaves a strange taste and/or odor when consuming them. Kaniwa’s taste is often described as slightly nutty and sweet. With versatility in the way in which it can be consumed and prepared, a well as it’s quick preparation time, kaniwa is beginning to become more preferred to that of the likes of qunioa.

Kaniwa is an excellent source of protein, boasting an absolutely staggering 16 percent protein make up. also loaded with a great amount of fiber, iron and calcium, it’s a wonderful gluten-free option for those with the deficiency. Because it is in the same family as whole-grain wheat, kaniwa is also an excellent source of of B vitamins too. Kaniwa has been shown to contain above normal levels of flavonoids, particularly isorhamnetin and quercetin. these flavonoids are some of the most beneficial varieties of antioxidants that the body can receive, and consuming kaniwa helps the body to keep the immune system intact, as well as th bones strong and the mind highly functional.

Kaniwa is still somewhat under the radar, but with more people everyday coming to know if its great health boosting prowess, that shouldn’t be true for long.






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