Just Say No: These Shoes Do You No Good

You’ve been duped! That’s right, if you fall into the category of the millions of people worldwide that donned those ridiculous looking toe shoes because of their promise to be more like running barefoot, or for their promise that they were somehow better for your feet and legs, then you have indeed been taken for quite a ride.ugly shoes

Not to mention the fact that the shoes look absolutely hideous, the company is now recalling the products because proof is now confirming that they do absolutely nothing, other than make you look like a world class nerd.

Branded as the newer but similar alternative to barefoot running which has been touted as the better way to run for quite some time. This is because our ancestors, as well as many to this day, in most parts of Africa, run with no shoes and are lightning quick. Many of the shoes that were produced and put out on to the shoe market were said to emulate this very action. However, the recall and in many cases refunds for the shoes has come because of the lack of any real scientific evidence to support any of the claims made by the shoe companies selling these shoes. A decrease in foot injuries and the strengthening of foot muscles are among some of the outlandish promises made by these shoe companies, that never came to fruition for anyone wearing themselves

Vibram, the creator of the toe shoes, agreed to put aside $3.75 million to pay refunds of as much as $94 to anyone who had bought a pair since March 21, 2009, according to Runner’s World. If this sound familiar, it’s because it’s not the first time this has happened. You may recall (no pun intended) that Skechers went through the exact same thing in 2012, when they agreed to pay back $40 million in refunds for those who spent $60 to $100 on “Shape Ups”, the shoes that were designed to promote weight loss and cardiovascular health. Reebok also settled a lawsuit over its shoe that claimed to help tone the body better.

The bottom line is, a shoe can’t really dictate much, especially in regards to the results you’ll see in your overall health. Putting all of your faith in a shoe is simply outrageous. Hard work, dedication and doing a lot of things right in your daily life are the only things that will have you seeing results. Plus you’ll look way better in a pair of shoes that doesn’t have a slot for each of our toes!


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