More Ways to Pain-Proof Your Purse

High fashion: boots match the purseLast week we told you how a heavy purse could really cause some pain and damage to your back and neck. This week, we are giving you seven more tips on how to make your purse pain proof. You can still enjoy carrying around a fashionable bag without the back pain and headache!

5. Switch Shoulders Often: It is easy to favor one shoulder while carrying your bag, but it is better for your posture and muscles to switch between shoulders often. You want to balance your body and give each shoulder a rest. Try switching shoulders every ten to twenty minutes.

6. Don’t Text: We know you are good at multitasking, but try not to text while carrying your purse. Looking down at your phone will cause you to crane your neck in an unnatural position. Combine the unnatural neck movement while carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder can really do some damage in the long run.

7. Think About Your Footwear Too: You may already know that high heels can cause pain and damage to your muscles. Combine walking in high heels paired with a heavy purse, and you are guaranteeing yourself a night of pain. Look for shoes that will support your arch, and if you are wearing heels for a special occasion, then opt for a small clutch.

8. Backpacks Can Be Stylish: If you practically live out of your handbag, then it may be time to consider a fashionable backpack instead. Many high-end designers make stylish backpack purses. The best part is that by carrying the weight across two shoulders will help reduce your pain and muscle strain.

9. Exercise Can Help: Regular exercise can help offset any damage done by handbags. Lifting weights and toning up can help strengthen your shoulders, back and core. Regular walking without a bag will also help restore your body’s natural swing and give your shoulders a break.

10. Smaller Can Be Better: A smaller bag forces you to carry only what is necessary. A large bag can cause more items to build up without you even noticing. You can even look for wristlets that acts as your wallet and phone case. What more do you need?

11. Finally, Don’t Let Style Be More Important Than Your Back Pain: While handbags can help you look fashionable, it really is not worth sacrificing your health over. Chain straps may look stylish, but just think about how painful they will be digging into your shoulder. Try standing out fashion-wise with a unique pop of color, not an oversized or studded purse.

Ditch the heavy purse once and for all and help treat your back pain. Even if you are young and don’t experience back pain yet, overtime, back pain and headaches can occur. Prevent the problems now.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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