Natural Solutions for Muscle Cramps

Muscle CrampsIf you have ever been plagued by sudden muscle cramps, then you know how painful they can be. Sometimes muscle cramps pop up because of a hard workout or just from sleeping in an odd position. Either way, muscle cramps can seriously cramp your day. Here are some natural ways to help relieve muscle cramps.

Drink More Fluids: Muscle cramps are usually caused by dehydration. This can just be from not drinking enough fluids throughout the day, or by not keeping fluids sustained during heavy exercising. Either way, dehydration means the body has a loss of electrolytes, which then leads to aches and pains all over. If you have muscle spasms, dehydration may also be the cause. If you are doing extreme exercise or exercising for a long time in the heat, consider drinking an electrolyte replenishing sports drink.

Up the Magnesium: Magnesium supplements and powders can help increase calcium absorption and help prevent muscle cramps. Be sure to take magnesium supplements alongside calcium supplements, since they work better together.

Avoid Mechanical Stress: Mechanical stress on muscles comes from when an individual uses that muscle for too long of a period. For example, standing or walking too long can cause a cramp immediately or when your body is recovering during sleep. To avoid this, wear good shoes with shock absorption.

Can a Chiropractor Help? There has been some research done on regular chiropractic care and leg cramps in children. There was slight improvement. For regular muscle cramps in the back, chiropractic care can definitely be effective. In leg cramps, chiropractic care is something worth considering since fixing any issues with the spine can help the legs. However, it might take several regular visits and results vary on each person.

Muscle cramps can be painful no matter what their cause. Try the tips above to relieve muscle cramps and reduce their frequency.

Remember to always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician before taking any diet or medical advice.


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