New Outlet Mall Coming to Eagan and How to Shop Pain-Free

Carlsbad Premium OutletsPull out your wallets, Eagan locals, a new shopping center is coming to town. One developer just bought the land that will hold the $100 million dollar shopping complex. The mall will have more than a hundred shops and open late next year.

The developer is working with Eagan to relocate streets and utility lines, as well as build a parking garage next to the outlet mall.

Want to know what stores will be there? You can expect a huge Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th department store, as well as a Gap Outlet and Banana Republic Factory store. Those three mega-stores have already signed their leases, so they are a guarantee. The firm also has close connections with Barneys New York, Brooks Brothers, Columbia Sportswear, Calvin Klein, Coach, Cole Haan, Dooney & Bourke, J.Crew, Michael Kors as well as other brand names, so you can expect to find most of those stores in the mall too.

It may be surprising that these big outlet stores are opening up when their retail brand stores are close by in the Mall of America. However, it is most likely because these brands want to attract even more shoppers with their outlet stores.

This outlet mall is sure to attract a lot of shoppers who want to “shop until they drop.” However, be wise and follow these shopping tips to avoid back pain.

  • Don’t carry all of your bags on one arm/shoulder. Instead, distribute the weight evenly. Don’t be afraid to make a run to the car to drop off your goods.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. We know you want to look fashionable, but if you are going to be shopping all day, you need to dress ready for a marathon.
  • Ditch the purse. You are going to have a lot of bags to carry, so why not just carry your wallet or a small bag instead of a heavy purse.

With these three shopping tips, you will be able to shop the whole outlet mall late next year without being stuck in bed the next day from pain.


Story Credit, Image Credit: Carlsbad Premium Outlets by prayitno. Used under Creative Commons license.

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