4 Ways to Help Prevent Diabetes

  When properly understood, diabetes is a disease that no one would want. While many people fear it, as they should, sometimes little is being done to prevent it. The good news is that it often can be prevented, and these four steps will help you keep diabetes at bay. 1. Exercise This one thing […]

How to Combat Low Energy Levels

  Feeling low energy levels in the middle of the day is something a lot of people are experiencing. They know they have much more to do, and feel unable to do much about it. The good news is that energy levels can be restored, enabling you to do more each day. One common cause […]

What Does Wellness Really Mean?

  Wellness means different things to different people. For those who hear the term, many consider it to be limited to the realm of health; which, of course, is something everyone wants. The term actually means much more than that. Generally it refers having a balance that is healthy in the realms of the mind, […]

Why Do Some People Talk in Their Sleep?

Have you ever woken yourself (or a significant other) up with the sound of your own voice yelling while asleep? This act, called sleep talking, affects nearly half of all children and about five percent of adults and tends to be more common among men. Sleep talking can occur during any stage of sleep and […]

Breastfeeding May Boost Infants’ Immunity Later in Life

Breastfeeding has been touted as an excellent way to give babies the nutrients they need for development and an important part of the mother-child bond. Several governments have enacted laws to encourage breastfeeding, and many public places now offer designated nursing stations. Pre and postnatal doctor visits often include lactation coaching to encourage more mothers […]

The Benefits of Lavender

  For people dealing with mental health concerns such as anxiety and also depression, symptoms could be crippling. There are so many pharmaceutical drugs in the marketplace designed to help ease the emotive pain, though the side effects could be literally dizzying. Many individuals who have used prescribed drugs for their mental health condition have […]