Parents, Try This Game to Get Your Kids to Love Vegetables

Vegetables at 5?_4062cParents, if you feel like you have exhausted every option possible to get your kids to love vegetables, then you are going to want to read this. A new study shows that using a game at home can help kids learn to love their veggies. Are you ready to try something that might make your child a broccoli lover once and for all?

There is no doubt about it, the struggle to get kids to eat and enjoy their vegetables is a hard one. Most kids do not enjoy the bitter taste of vegetables, especially when there are tastier things to be eaten in front of them. Even vegetable-loving parents have issues. This can lead to picky eaters who don’t get the balanced diet they need.

The best way to transform your vegetable hater into a better eater is to make it a game. Simply allow your child to pick a sticker and place it on a chart each night your child tries their vegetables. The child does not have to take several bites, just one bite. You can even expand on the reward system by letting your child cash in the stickers they earn over the duration of a week or month. Perhaps after earning 20 stickers, you can treat your child to a movie or give them a night off of chores.

The whole point of the game is repetition and enforcing positivity. A child needs to taste a vegetable at least ten times before they can establish whether they like it or not. So many times a parent will give up on a certain vegetable because their child refused it or disliked it the first few times. However, a child needs to be exposed to the vegetable several different times and in different ways. For example, carrots can be introduced raw, raw with dip, roasted, steamed, shredded into salad or pasta sauce, and even sliced and sautéed in butter. Don’t be afraid to use a little butter and shredded cheese to enhance the flavor of cooked vegetables. Just try to stay away from processed cheese packages.

The study showed that many children increased their consumption of vegetables overtime with the game. Many kids even grew to love a vegetable that they had previously disliked. The key ingredients are patience and encouragement from parents.

Stop the vegetable fight in your house and try this simple game today. If your child still does not like a certain vegetable after many tries, then move on to a different vegetable. The goal is to increase their vegetable consumption, not get them to love every single piece of produce on the market.


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