Relieve That Pain In The Neck Through This Unique Exercise


The odds are high that you’ve come home from a hard day’s work, and all of that hard work has taken a toll on both your body and mind. The lingering reminder of how hard you have worked, follows you home in the form of pain, more specifically in the neck. Neck pain is the most common ailment in the United States, because it is associated with everything from stress to depression.

Many instances of neck pain come from the majority of the population having to sit for hours at a time for their chosen vocation; the bottom line is, neck pain is a very serious issue in this country, and it’s sadly one that we brush under the rug and pass off as nothing because it does happen so often. However, not properly dealing with pain, in any part of the body that is, often leads to serious and more complicated health concerns.

Many people try their own version of home remedies such as rolling the neck from side to side to relieve the tension, massage, the application of heat and ice; nevertheless, many seem to find that nothing quite rids them of the pain.

One of the easiest and more non-invasive approaches to the all-too-familiar neck pain we encounter, is regular chiropractic care. Doctors of chiropractic specialize in relieving patients of severe neck, back and joint pain.

If a chiropractor isn’t readily available to you for whatever reason, there are a number of exercises, often prescribed as temporary fixes by doctors of chiropractic themselves. Because the body is interconnected, there are certain places that can help to take pain away from your neck.

A particularly effective pressure point for neck pain is located in the hand. We use our hands for so many things throughout each and every day, so the tension from our hands becomes linked with nerves all the way through to the neck and shoulders.

By simply taking a small rubber ball and lacing it in the palm of your hand and rolling on a flat surface, you are loosening up an area called the thenar eminence. While rolling the ball, you should also pivot the hand while still applying pressure. Switch hands and you should notice an immediate release of tension from the wrist to the top of the neck.

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