Sharing A Bed With Your Sick Child May Be Further Damaging Their Health


A child’s health can be drastically affected by even the minutest of things in their surroundings as they grow. Everything from pollen and dander in the air to certain plants and food additives, all threaten the health of a child, and their overall future health and resistances, starting from a very young age. Air quality is typically one thing that parents look out for and are alerted to when they are raising small children, as living in an environment that lacks a high standard quality of air, can affect the way in which a child is able to breath, grow and function as an individual.

Now, according to some recent research, a common practice in most households with small children is also contributing to the growing rate of asthma.

Toddlers that frequently share a bed with their parents to sleep, are at an increased risk for developing asthma later on in their childhood, when compared to those that sleep in their own beds.

It’s not uncommon for parents to corral their children and sleep with them at night, especially when they are sick or show signs and symptoms of illness, but in doing so they actually decrease the likelihood that the symptoms will go away.

Extensive studies show that sharing a bed with children aged three to six years old, increases their odds of frequent wheezing and coughing bu close to 45 percent, and by a staggering 60 percent at ages six and over.

Now, aside from the theory that sharing a bed due to signs of illness in the first place contributed to asthma or an increased risk for developing the ailment, there are no other notions that can be directly tied into why these numbers and correlations occur. So, as it stands, bed-sharing does increase the risk of asthma in toddler aged children in some way, but this study cannot provide any factual and causal evidence to properly support that hypothesis just yet.

So, while the jury is still out on just why this occurs, the fact of the matter is ,is that it does occur. Therefore, parent should be more cautious and far less welcoming to open their beds at the first sign of a cough or wheezing. Bed-sharing can be a way to comfort sick children, but these results also prove that comfort may be prolonging the symptoms themselves, and setting a child up for a lifetime of health issues pertaining to their lungs, throat and cardiovascular system as a whole.


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