Six Ways to Boost Your Metabolism


It is true that your metabolism is mostly controlled by your genes. Those who are lucky enough to be born with a fast metabolism are more likely to avoid obesity issues. However, even if you were not blessed with a fast metabolism naturally, there are still a few tricks you can do to rev yours up. Just try the following tips to get the metabolism that nature did not give you.

  1. The Basics: To keep your metabolism fire going, you should always eat breakfast, preferably something high in protein. You will also avoid crash diets and long fasting diets, since both can lower your metabolic rate.
  2. Know Your Calories: Most individuals will go on a 1200-calorie diet thinking that is the best way to lose weight. However, this can put your body in starvation mode without you even realizing it. Instead, it is better to know what your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is so that you know exactly how many calories your body needs, as well as how much it needs to lose weight or maintain it.
  3. Choose Cardio: It is said that doing 3-5 times of cardio per week is associated with a higher metabolic rate. This means you will burn calories while working out and long after your workout too. Switching between high intensity and low intensity can also rev up your metabolism.
  4. Get Lifting: Along with cardio, it is also important to build muscle through lifting weights. Don’t worry about bulking up, if you are a woman. Muscle takes up less space in your body, making you look tighter and leaner, even if the scale stays the same. A pound of muscle also burns nine times more calories than a pound of fat does.
  5. Avoid Yo-Yoing: The individuals with the lowest metabolisms are those who have lost weight and then gained it back. This is because when they lost weight, they lost muscle with it. Then when they gained the weight back, they gained all fat back instead of muscle. This made their bodies an inefficient calorie-burning machine.  This is just another reason to lose weight slowly and keep it from coming back.
  6. A Bed Time Snack: If you are working out regularly, it is suggested that you eat a 150-calorie protein-rich snack before bed. Studies found that these additional calories actually helped boost individuals’ metabolisms in the morning.

When you eat and workout, think about how you are reenergizing your body. Don’t look at your body in terms of pounds, but instead look at it as a well-built machine that needs to thrive on good nutrition and a faster metabolism.

Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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