Surprising Foods Linked to Flatulence

It’s not pleasant, but it is a normal bodily function, to a certain extent. Flatulence, or gas is just our bodies way of releasing toxins in its own weird, often not so environmentally friendly way. We often attribute it to the four slices of pizza we had for lunch, or the 5 alarm chilli that our grandmother made us yesterday. This may be true, but many of us don’t know that even the foods that are deemed good and nutritious for us, often create the gas build up in the stomach or small intestine, causing bloating, puffy belly and gas.

So here is a list of just a few of the foods that we consume on almost a daily basis and do not even realize the adverse effects they have on our bodies. Get ready to have your mind blown.


That’s right. This delicious, nutritious, juicy, wonderful fruit, is responsible for that not so pleasant aroma that descends from below. High in fructose, which is a sugar that naturally occurs in some fruits, the watermelon and its ingredients are often incompletely absorbed by our GI system which leads to gas. Shockingly, around 1 in 3 people suffer from fructose malabsorption.



This shouldn’t really come as a shock given their pungent flavor and smell entering the body, but foods like onions and leeks are high in fructans (not to be confused with fructose), a type of fiber made up mostly of fructose molecules. We as humans unfortunately lack the proper enzymes to fully break down fructans, which leads to gas and bloating.


Although super rich and high in antioxidants, they are also jam packed with polyols. Polyols are the main component in sugar substitutes, and tend to cling to the digestive tract unabsorbed, leading to bloating and flatulence.


This delicious fruit actually contains more fructose that it does glucose believe it or not. When this fruit is consumed, the body has an incredibly difficult time breaking down and fully absorbing all the fructose meaning they leave you bloated.

Snow Peas

Perhaps the most pesky of the foods on this list, simply because they contain a chain of different sugars that end up causing bloating and stomach irritability. They also have those nasty fructans in them, and are high in polyols.

Now you know, be wary of these foods, and over consuming them any time you know you’re going to be confined with a room full of people.


Always consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medial related advice.

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