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Being unconventional and thinking outside of the box has its perks from time to time, and there are no better things to tinker around with than the way in which you get nutrients into the body. Think about all of the combinations that can comprise a healthy and nutritious meal. There’s a reason you don’t eat the same thing every single night. Switch it up a little, live every once in awhile. These rules should apply to everything in your daily consumption, and what better place to start that in your morning wake up call?

If that doesn’t intrigue you, then how about you read up on the things you think are healthy but that may actually be damaging your health due to over consumption. Yes, it is possible to eat too healthy. Could you be one of those committing this healthy food faux pas?

Why You Should Be Putting Butter In Your Coffee

coffeeWith coffee being a multi billion dollar a year industry, new and exciting ways for consumers to drink it are being thought up left and right. Whether you’re using almond milk, chocolate milk, extra cinnamon sugar or just a little whipped cream, making coffee your own personalized beverage has never been more fun. Now, there is an ingredient being added to one of the world’s favorite drinks, and it’s turning heads like you wouldn’t believe. This wonder ingredient is butter.

That’s right, the same butter that you put on bread, that you use to bake, and that has always been pushed upon us but only in moderation, is now taking off with those that drink coffee, especially those in the health and wellness industry. It may sound like conflicting ideologies, but those who put a slab of the golden stuff in their morning cup of joe are swearing by the results they are being provided.

So, why butter? Well, adding butter to coffee gives the drink a rich and creamy taste as well as providing you with an abundance of energy (on top of the amount given by coffee alone). Other similar ingredients are being added in order to boost the effects of coffe, as well as enhance the taste. MCT oil and coconut oil are also healthy alternatives that are becoming more and more common in coffee.

Believe it or not, many of the healthy versions of butter, such as those that are of the grass fed variety, are considered a superfood. This is because of its extremely high concentration of CLA or conjugated linoleic acid, which helps to burn belly fat and enhance weight loss, as well as boosting heart health. Putting these into your morning coffee will also help to enhance brain health and its function throughout the day.

Dubbed as “bullet proof” coffee, this concoction of oil or butter is really giving people who drink it, extra focus, satiety and energy. The fats in the drink are actually good fats, and help speed up metabolism when consumed as well as satisfying hunger. This style of coffee drinking is certainly a hidden gem, but I’m guessing not for long. Starbucks may be jumping on the buttery band wagon any minute now.

The Healthy Foods You’re Eating Too Much Of

I love food. Anyone who knows me can attest to this; in fact, anyone that is around me for even a short period of time is probably likely to see me stuff my face with some sort of food or beverage. This being said I do try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the majority of that has to do with the things I eat and drink.

nutmegI am not alone in my healthy living endeavors, as there are many others out there that eat just the way I do. This is especially true over the last two or three years, as the United states has become much more health conscious than it ever has been. Now, although there are many out there who are looking to lose weight, eat right and get into shape, all by eating well, the fact of the matter is, some are doing so but still contributing negatively to their overall health. This is because of overdosing on healthy food. Yes, this is actually possible and to avoid the pitfalls of ding so, here are some of the most popular foods that are over eaten in order to stuff the body full of healthy nutrients, and jut how to stop doing so. Cutting back, and regulating the intake of healthy foods can help the body to better maintain a healthy overall condition.

Nutmeg is packed full of health benefits, and is one of the most popular spices added to usually bland foods to give it a nice flavor kick. However, trouble kicks in when the spice is consumed in excessive quantities. Unpleasant side effects usually appear three to eight hours after ingestion, and can include anxiety, and fear. Nutmeg, even in doses as high as 20 to 80 grams of powder, is rarely deadly, so keeping your consumption between these amounts is best.

For so long, the staple in terms of amount of water to consume in a day to maintain good overall health was eight glasses. Well, it has since been found to be a myth. This of course is true because the ratios all depend on a number of factors that vary the amount needed per person; height, weight, climate and more, all determine sufficient water intake. Unfortunately each year, there are a number of instances of overdosing on water. Water intoxication occurs when a person drinks so much that the water dilutes the concentration of sodium in the blood, creating an electrolyte imbalance. Drinking enough until you feel full, and not drinking more until you feel relatively thirsty, is a good gauge of how much to drink each day.


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