The Importance Of Your Bones & Their Health

Calcium is essential to the body as it helps to build and support strong bone health, as well as fortify and maintain other parts of the body. A healthy diet cannot be called as such without some form of calcium for building strong bones. It is understood that a healthy life goes hand in hand with strong healthy bones, teeth, hair and organs, all of which are influenced by the intake of calcium and protein on a consistent basis.


Bones are fortified with calcium, and also are responsible for storing mass quantities of phosphorous. Both of these are in the bones because they are necessary for proper bodily function, even in things that do not correspond directly to the bones. For instance, calcium helps the skeletal system operate, and is a vital part in nerve and muscle function. Maintaining proper bone health provides the body with a constant source of extra minerals, which help it to survive and thrive above and beyond the necessary levels.

Without sufficient bone strength, any form of physical activity, even walking, would be extremely difficult. Muscles work in harmony with the bones, allowing us to walk, run, and move in any way shape or form. The skeleton is the backbone of our physicality. Without sufficiently strong skeletal muscles and bone strength we would not be able to stand, bear weight, lift things, or do anything that we do on a daily basis without giving it a second thought.

Working to prevent osteoporosis and other bone-related, and age-related ailments is something that is easily done through a healthy lifestyle of good diet and frequent exercise. As we enter our forties, sadly the body begins to slowly lose bone density. Strong bones aid in the prevention of harsh falls resulting in serious injury, as well as the ability to perform activities of daily living. A healthy skeletal system better protects the internal organs, and leads to better posture and longevity of life.

As you can see, bones play an essential role in overall health. Knowing the right choices to make, and what foods and drinks to consume in your daily lives can have a great and lasting influence on your quality of life. Taking a more proactive position in your own wellness is one of the best decisions you can make in your quest for optimal health.

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