The Most Dangerous Diets

We’ve all heard of several crazy fad diets that seem to come and go like the latest fashion or one-hit wonder musician.  From South Beach to Paleo, all these diets seem to have only one thing in common; they aren’t around for long.  One diet may insist that you eat nothing but lean protein, another one may have you taking in carbs, while others still may have you “detoxing” with some strange mixture of vegetables and herbs.

The problem with these self-proclaimed quick fixes is that they focus on deprivation and not lifestyle changes.  For a diet to be truly effective, you must be able to incorporate it into your lifestyle for the long term and not just until another trendy fad diet plan pops up.  Many diets are touted as healtSouphy and safe, but they really aren’t.  Check out the most dangerous diets out there.

The Tape Worm Diet

No, this isn’t the plot of the latest science fiction flick, this is (or was) an actual diet.  It is just how it sounds.  In the late 20th century, tapeworms were marketed as a great way to lose weight.  This dangerous diet has participants ingest a tapeworm (in pill form), and that tapeworm grows inside of you eating the food you consume.  It reduces your appetite and promotes weight loss while growing inside of you.  Once you reach your goal weight, you take medicine to kill off the tapeworm.  This is NOT a healthy diet, in fact, it’s a disease!  Thankfully, this diet was banned by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Soup Diet

Who doesn’t love a good hearty warm bowl of soup?  Well, we might all enjoy it less if that’s all we had to eat each day.  This diet makes you eat soup for every meal.  While you may lose weight on this diet, it can cause some serious harm to your body.  Your body needs the essential nutrients and consistency found in foods other than soup.  This diet is merely calorie restriction, meaning you are depriving yourself and all the weight you lose will definitely return once you stop eating just soup.

The Cookie Diet

Wouldn’t it be great if we could reach our weight loss goals by eating delicious chocolate chip cookies?  Unfortunately there is no free lunch in nature and this diet doesn’t work.  The cookies that you are supposed to eat on this diet contain meat products and it isn’t a sustainable plan.  Most people get sick of the cookies and usually gain any weight back that they lost while on it.  This diet has no diversity and is ineffective for most.


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