The Scary Reason Why You May Want To Rethink Your Favorite Airplane Seat


We all have our own personal preferences; this is, after all, what makes each of us a unique individual. Whether it’s your choices in food or drinks, or your personal taste in music or art, we all have the things that we like and dislike, and these things make us who we are. Now, when it comes to travel, our personal preferences can either help or hinder our health, and this is extremely true for the simple choice we make of where to sit on an airplane.

Some like the window seat so that they are able to look out and see the friendly skies, others prefer the comfort of the aisle because it gives them easy access to the bathrooms, and there are even some crazy folk that actually like the middle seat, perhaps for the warmth provided from the passengers on either side of them.

However, the extra leg room that the aisle provides may not be such a perk according to recent studies. Research out of the University of Arizona has found that the aisle seat is actually the most contaminated seat on most airplanes, and can actually increase your chances of falling ill. With significantly more bacteria than even the window seat, the aisle presents more dangers than just a nasty elbow bang from the flight attendant’s beverage cart.

The study revealed that more specifically, the seats located throughout the aisle of the plane are laden with more germs than any of the other seats, meaning the middle and window seats. This is thought to be due to the use of the seats in the aisle being far more frequent. When leaning over to put overhead storage away, coming back from the bathroom, or walking the aisle to help keep your balance, the first instinct is to hold onto the head rest of the aisle seat to steady yourself. Because of uses like these, the aisle seats are contaminated much more.

Many people are still under the notion that the air quality on the plane is responsible for much of the illness that circulates among the cabin; however, air on a plane is filtered and then reused to help keep the cabin bacteria free. So, the next time you plan a trip, you may want to enjoy the scenery from the window instead of increasing your risk of illness in the roomy aisle seat instead. A simple trick to doing all you can to stay healthy as you travel is to always wash your hands and cover your mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing.


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