Tips To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Your heart is a powerful muscle that is essential to your body’s functions.  But how often do you think of your heart health in your daily routine.  You may be doing your heart a disservice by not being proactive about heart health.  Check out these tips to keep this crucial organ strong and healthy!

Keep a Healthy Diet – Eat a diet that’s low in sodium and fat.  Eat healthy unprocessed foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables.  Limit your sodium intake to 1200-1500mg.  Make sure you always read the label and avoid all trans fats.

Exercise RegularlyHeart – Making exercise a part of your regular routine is an important part of heart health.  Cardiovascular exercise can help to prevent heart disease and other maladies.

Visit Your Primary Care Physician – Scheduling regular appointments with your doctor can help shine a light on any health problems you may have.  Many people have high blood pressure without even knowing it, this is why regular check-ups are so important.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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