Treating Your Bursitis With Chiropractic Care

Bursae or bursa, are the soft cushions between the body’s tissue, tendons, bones, muscles and even the skin that prevent friction. Without these, bone would rub on bone, and cause serious pain and issues for mobility. More specifically, a bursa is a very small sac filled with a lubricating fluid that acts as a smooth barrier for the tendons to glide over, which helps reduce the friction that would occur should they not exist.


Bursitis is the inflammation of a bursa. If not treated properly, the condition can become chronic, extremely painful, and can have lasting effects on the overall health, movement and function of the body itself.

The body has numerous spaces in between its numerous amount of bones, and so, bursa like tendons are located throughout the body, and therefore are also many types of bursitis. Among the most common areas of bursitis are the hip (trochanteric), elbow (olecranon), knee, and shoulder.

Repetitive motions may cause the excess friction that causes bursitis, which in turn could lead to inflammation and pain of the bursa. This may also occur when the bursa is compressed for extended periods of time. If this occurs, it is generally due to being in awkward positioning for lengthy periods of time. Injury is another prominent cause of bursitis, as are certain underlying rheumatic conditions, like gout or arthritis. As a person ages their tendons become less elastic, less resistant to stress, and easier to tear, which would account for the instances of bursitis coming later in life.

Sometimes bursitis can take months to heal, and even then complications, such as the accumulation of excessive scar tissue, can cause the condition to become chronic and last much longer, sometimes even years. Swift treatment of bursitis, once the onset occurs is ideal for it to be properly eradicated.

Typically in the early stages of bursitis, ultrasound therapy is used to safely decrease inflammation, along with massage therapy which is aimed at safely breaking down scar tissue. Once a patient’s bursitis is stabilized, regular joint manipulation can then be very effective in loosening up the related soft tissue, restoring flexibility and alleviating pressure and friction over the affected bursa. Chiropractic treatment can manipulate the joints and align them in order for the bursa to correctly heal. Far better than any medication, and a direct assessment of the cause of the bursitis, chiropractic care aims to alleviate the pain and the reoccurrance of the ailment once and for all.


Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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