Watch Out For These Four Health Food Frauds

Fruit Ambrosia, Granola BarIt can be confusing to know what exactly to eat and not eat. This is especially true with all of the misleading health articles and false advertisements on products. When it comes to finding the best foods for your body, don’t just look at calories. Instead, read ingredients and eat foods that make you feel better. Here are just a few misleading foods that should be removed from your diet today.

1. Granola Bars and Other Bars: There are so many types of bars to be aware of when it comes to your diet. Stay away from granola bars, diet, bars, energy bars, and even protein bars. Most of these products are just as bad as eating a candy bar! Most of the bars are loaded with sugar and simple carbs.

2. Store-Bought Freezer Meals: There is a whole aisle devoted to diet freezer meals. These meals boast low calories and time convenience, but are usually full of processed carbs and sodium. Instead of these processed store bought meals, freeze portions of steamed brown rice, grilled chicken, and vegetables. This offers the same convenience with a lot more of the health benefits.

3. Fruit Juice: Whether it’s pure fruit juice or freshly juiced fruit juice, both will make your insulin spike. Fruit juices should not be an everyday thing. It is better to have a glass of water with a piece of fruit, therefore you get all of the nutrients, as well as the fiber. This combination will be gentler on your blood sugar, which will ultimately be gentler on your waistline.

4. Flavored Yogurt: Yogurt has so many benefits for you. It is sad to see those health benefits wasted in yogurt products that are loaded with a lot of junk. Don’t be fooled by flavored yogurt or fruit flavored yogurt. These will typically have hidden ingredients and hidden sugars. Instead, buy plain yogurt or Greek yogurt, and add your own fresh toppings at home.

Next time you shop for healthy food, don’t be deceived by many of the “healthy” products out there. Many of the healthy products are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will rob you of the nutrients you need, and even put your weight loss in jeopardy.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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