What Is Chelation Therapy?

Our bodies naturally secrete toxins from the body, whether through sweat or through urine, a healthy body will properly regulate the flushing out of the system on a regular basis. One of the newest trends to hit the weight loss and detoxification scene is chelation. Chelation is the manual flushing of the body of toxins, essentially cleaning up more than the body’s natural amount through its own process. Often a very effective method of ridding the body of lead after instances of lead poisoning, more and more people are turning to this method of overhauling the body and cleaning it right up.


Chelation therapy is a chemical process in which a synthetic solution, typically EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is injected into the bloodstream to remove heavy metals and minerals from the body. Chelation literally translates to “to grab” or “to bind.” When EDTA is injected into the veins, it “grabs” heavy metals and minerals such as lead, mercury, copper, iron, arsenic, aluminum, and calcium and removes them from the body entirely.

More frequently used in the medical arena for illnesses such as coronary artery disease, as it is believed that the EDTA binds with calcium deposits, which are attached to the plaque that causes these coronary issues in the heart, and clears them out. The same notion is the reason for seemingly healthy individuals trying the method. To rid th ebody of every single piece of potentially damaging agents will essentially kleave the body in better condition, reduce the signs of aging, and keep the individual healthier than they would be if they were to rely on their bodys natirual filtration proces alone.

Some who have tried a healthy regimen of chelation therapy report that the EDTA also acts as an antioxidant by removing metals that combine with LDL cholesterol, which can damage arteries, thus seeing a large improvement in overall health as levels of bad cholesterol are reduced. When removing copper or calcium from the arteries, you can effectively slow down the onset of illness or disease.
Many people report less pain from chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis,or lupus, due to chelation therapy. The theory is that EDTA acts as an antioxidant, which protects the body from inflammation and protects blood vessels. Although very new, chelation therapy is working wonders in those who have used it. For proper administration of the chelation therapy, seeking medical professional advice is recommended.

What do you think of the idea of chelation therapy? Is detoxifying the body to this extent a smart way to get healthy?

Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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