Why Wheat Is Worrisome For the Brain

There have long been a number of guilty parties when it comes to the battle against the bulge, especially in terms of culprits that can be replaced in the daily diet or exercise routine in order to live a healthier and stress-free lifestyle.brain

Wheat is among the more often mentioned of those dangerous health crushing culprits, and the benefits of cutting it from your diet completely have been well-documented as of late. Everything from the reversal of type 2 diabetes to the complete erasing of harmful visceral fat around the vital organs. The health gains are well known for the organs and the overall health of the body itself, but the mind also gets a boost from cutting wheat from a diet, so what are they?

Improved Mood

Sandwiches are efficient, tasty and filling, but most of the filling aspect is due to the fact that the sandwich isn’t complete without the bread. However, bread is a known contributing factor to overall mood, and not in a good way. If bread was featured prominently in your daily diet for a substantial amount of time, there may even be a withdrawal effect that occurs when you cut wheat from your diet; but once that passes, your mood will instantly be lifted again. Because bread has a direct effect on the proteins that affect the levels of brain serotonin, removing it from your diet can improve cognitive function and overall perception of others and events.

Lifted Mind Fog

If you often find yourself unable to fully concentrate, having that fuzzy head feeling where the mind isn’t cooperating at 100 percent, it may be due to your high intake of wheat. Not only does cutting wheat lift mood, but it lifts the proverbial fog from the brain in order for it to function at a higher and more effective rate. Offering the ability for you to concentrate for prolonged periods and think far more clearly, wheat reduction can help with a large portion of the everyday activities performed. If you’re looking to better engage in discussion, perform at a higher level and up your productivity, slowing down on the wheat may be your go to move.

Prevention of Dementia

This dangerous mental ailment still has a long way to go in terms of discovering just how it’s caused, and how to stop and reverse it. However, it is known that severely high blood sugar levels can fuel its development further. Because wheat is a known ingredient that spikes those levels, taking it down a notch in your diet is an easy fix. In fact, many are affected by the natural autoimmune process triggered by the gliadin and prolamin proteins within wheat, so cutting down on them is actually a life-saving necessity.

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