Why Your “Natural” Food Choices Aren’t Quite So Healthy

cornIt seems like nothing is safe anymore, even when you’re trying to be as green, healthy and lifestyle-boosting as you can possibly be. We often think that things labeled natural, organic, grass-fed and locally-grown, are all the best options to choose from when we browse the outskirts of the grocery store, looking for produce and foods that aren’t laden with chemicals. As correct as it is to try to consume more food located on the outer portion of your grocery store, it comes down to more than just picking up fruit and calling it a day.

This is because the natural food industry has been taken over and altered. A recent poll revealed that over 60 percent of those that buy foods claiming to be “natural,” think that the food is automatically wiped clean of any genetically modified ingredients. However, extensive testing has shown that this is absolutely incorrect. Sadly, it’s quite the contrary, as many “natural” foods are known to still test positive for genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This is because even though they are made naturally and free of pesticides, they still come into contact with chemicals that are not completely natural, and have the ability to alter the food’s makeup.

Exhibit A

Let’s take a popular “natural” food substance like soy. The majority of soy products are actually grown in a way that helps them properly survive being sprayed with chemicals such as phosphate, which is linked to cell death in humans and some cancers like non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. However, the reason soy is able to survive these chemicals, is because it contains small traces of them in the first place. This means we are consuming chemicals with each bite of the thing we thought was so healthy; granted, it would take a significant amount of time for it to affect our health, but over time it is possible.

There are a number of health and food safety advocate groups that are really prompting for mandatory labeling of GMO foods. GMO foods at this moment are only required to list certain ingredients if they exist in the product at a certain rate or amount. Also, being asked for a recall is the use of the word “natural” as it comes with a certain false connotation in the healthy food world.

While much of this battle is still ongoing, it’s important to fully research and understand the ingredients in the foods we eat, as well as how they will affect our overall health. Labeling is misleading, and knowledge is the only way in which we can truly be safe and healthy in the foods we eat.



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